The Company

Zegetron S.A., a member of the Zita Group, was founded on 1992 in Athens with the sole purpose of promoting and distributing the software and hardware manufactured by Sega in the Greek market. After expanding its portfolio and activities, Zegetron has become one of the biggest I.T. and gaming businesses in Greece.

Zegetron is a constantly growing and evolving company. Being a marketing oriented company right from the start, Zegetron has managed to invent radical and innovative promotional activities while at the same time it retains the first place amongst software advertisers. The targeted marketing activities of Zegetron have brought its products to the top of the consumer demand in Greece while at the same time granting the company several sales and awareness world records.

All the products distributed by Zegetron receive a supreme technical support able to sold even the most complicated problems. Since early 2010 Zegetron has started its efforts on releasing its products at retail prices lower than the European Suggested prices, in par with the diminishing income of the Greek consumer. Zegetron has also focused in the distribution of quality but low-priced software and assigns the production to local factories whenever this is possible.

The company continues to grow today and has never reported a single non-profitable fiscal year.

Zegetron S.A.
35 Vas. Georgiou Str
15232 Chalandri
Athens – GREECE
T : +30 210 68 56 000, +30 211 18 09 600
F : +30 210 68 55 862

Balance Sheet 15/16


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  • lian-li
  • nzxt
  • colorful
  • endgame
  • arctic
  • noblechairs
  • nitro-concepts
  • qcy
  • yadea
  • kolink
  • warner
  • sega
  • riot
  • cullmann
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